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Belgian Tripel v5.0 Recipe and Notes

I've been on a quest to find what, for me, is a perfect Belgian Tripel recipe.  I'd like something that's a cross between Tripel Karmeliet and Unibroue's La Fin Du Monde.  It should be slightly sweet, not too bitter, have a nice head on it, and have the typical spicy/fruity notes that true Belgian Tripels are noted for.  I've brewed a few extract-based tripels that weren't bad but weren't close to what I wanted. I've also brewed two or three all-grain tripels.  One of those either soured a bit in the kettle due to a stuck mash or I added too much coriander to it - I don't know. The bottom line is that I'm still chasing that Holy Grail of a tripel recipe I love. The good folks at post clone recipes of popular Belgian beers which of course use their products for the adjunct components.  They have a recipe online for a Tripel Karmeliet clone .  I had intended to brew their recipe as-is but couldn't source all the ingredients loc