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Kveik Double IPA 1.0

Not being that big a fan of hop-forward beers, I have never brewed a Double IPA before.  As with the Pale Ale I made yesterday, I wanted to take another shot at using the hopping knowledge imparted at HomeBrewCon along with some of the leftover Kveik yeast from the Pale Ale to produce a Double IPA. The recipe below is based on a combination of a gold-medal winning recipe from the AHA web site, the items I had on hand, and the Lallemand Voss Kveik yeast left over from the batch yesterday. Ingredients 9 pounds Weyerman Pilsner Malt 2.25 pounds Viking Pale Ale Malt 1.5 pounds Flaked Oats 4 ounces Honey Malt 1 16-ounce can of Lyle's Golden Syrup 8 ounces Vienna Malt 0.75 ounces Summit hops pellets @ 17.5% AA (60 min.) 1 ounce El Dorado hops pellets @ 12.8% AA (10 min.) 1 ounce Southern Passion hops pellets @ 12.0% AA (10 min.) 1 ounce Citra hops pellets @ 12.6% AA (whirlpool 20 min.) 1 ounce Mandarina Bavaria hops pellets @ 10.1% AA (whirlpool 20 min.) 1 ounce Citra hops pellets @ 12.8