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2021 Batch 4 - Rice Wine 4.0

Since I've still got plenty of rice on-hand and plenty of yellow-label Angel Yeast, I decided to do a few more batches of rice wine.  I'll look for something fun to do with it later.  I've about got this down to a science.  Sanitize a fermenter, load it with 15 pounds of rice, add 178F water, wait until the temperature drops down to around 90F, and pitch the Angel Yeast. Ingredients 15 pounds Nishiki rice 3 gallons of water at 178F 1/2 tsp. Gypsum 1/2 tsp. Fermaid O yeast nutrient 1 tsp. Alpha Amylase 1.5 gallons cold water 40 grams Angel Yeast Note:  Gypsum is added for water conditioning.  Fermaid O and Alpha Amylase are not strictly necessary, but I've been adding them because I have a good supply of both.  I add the Amylase when I add the hot water, to help break down the rice some before I pitch the yeast mix. Brewing process: Begin heating 3 gallons of water to 178F Sanitize 7 gallon fermenter Dump 15 pounds of rice into fermenter Add Gypsum, yeast nutrient, and a